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Are you suffering from a lingering pain or injury that is preventing you from achieving your fitness goals or just simply living your life? Have specific fitness goals or sports specific goals? Are you suffering from an ailment and consulted many health professionals including medical doctors and yet no one seems to know the origin? Or maybe you're just simply looking for preventive medicine in order to avoid sport-specific injuries or health issues. If so, a consultation with me might be the answer to work out a plan of action. Looking forward to working with you.

Bachelor of Natural Medicine (Quantum University, Hawaii)
Certified Neuromuscular Massage Therapist (Paul St-John Method, Florida)
Professional Applied Kinesiology (Dr David Leaf)
Electric Acupuncture According to Dr Voll (Dr Robert Cass, Physica Energetics)
Certified Corrective and High Performance Exercise Kinesiology (Paul Chek, California)

Manual therapy
Physical pains
Sports injuries /Rehab
Corrective exercise
Sport specific high performance exercise
Natural medicine (Naturopathy)